Susi Rosenfeld
  dance, performance, somatics
  cultural management

In my choreographic work, I am interested in new perspectives on known (body) forms, and in surrealism and poetics in dance. I like to work in site-specific settings as in my piece “insight out”, in which the audience is watching the piece from above from a staircase. Another focus is Instant Composition, like in "HOME IMPROVEMENT" performed in four private apartments in Cologne.

I have been teaching children, teenagers and adults in various institutions since 2001, always focussing on the creative process, Body Awareness and Somatics, Improvisation and Performance Work. My focus here is presence, authenticity and the joy of movement.

Over the last 20 years I have been supporting people in their dance and performance abilities, in moving their body easily and in exploring their own creativity. I do that in different professional contexts. This ranges from giving group workshops to one-to-one sessions; from political work or leading a dance festival to managing the office of the German Association for Dance in Schools.